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LRO Science Payload

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LRO Quick Facts

• Launched June 18, 2009
• 4-day trip to the moon, then
   into commissioning orbit
• Science payload of 7

• Data relayed in real-time to
   LRO satellite and teams
• LRO Mission Operations:
   NASA-Goddard SFC
• LRO Dimensions:
   79"(2m) x 103"(2.6m)
• LRO Mass: 1664 lb. (891 kg)
• Duration: 1yr. exploration;
   Possible 3yr. science mission

Where is LRO Now?

Historical Exploration of
the Moon …

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LRO Science Payload

LRO's science payload includes seven instruments designed to gather data facilitating human exploration of the moon.

CRaTER with instruments labeled
Above, an artist's illustration of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
(Rollover the illustration to identify the on-board science instruments.)

Illustration by Chris Meaney/NASA.