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CRaTER Instrument Design and Model

CRaTER design flight model flight model
Instrument Design Theory of Operation Flight Model

CRaTER Electronics

Bill_analog flight model digital board
Electronics Electronics Electronics

LRO Spacecraft and Launch

Launched on June 18, 2009, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is currently orbiting the Moon on a low 50km polar mapping orbit.
artist's rendering artist's rendering 2 artist's rendering 3
Artist's rendering of LRO
Artist's rendering of LRO
Artist's rendering of LRO
LRO leaving Astrotech LRO at launchpad LRO liftoff
LRO leaving Astrotech
LRO at launchpad
LRO liftoff
Artist's rendering courtesy Chris Meaney/NASA. Launch images courtesy NASA-GSFC.

CRaTer Exhibit at McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center:
Spacecraft, Craters, and Cosmic Rays

The CRaTER team developed a CRaTER exhibit at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, NH. Photos from the exhibit opening…
activity ask a scientist ask a scientist
Exhibit ribbon-cutting
Ribbon cutting
activity batman ask a scientist
CRaTER activity statioin
Walk on the Moon
Viewing the exhibit
batman activity ask a scientist
Sir Richard Carrington
A visit from Batman
Ask a Scientist
batman activity batman
Girl Scout guests
History of Lunar Exploration
Stamping LRO passports

Images from LRO

LRO imagery will be compiled into a detailed 3-D map of the moon's surface.
More LRO images are available at and at A few highlights …

crater bessel wrinkle ridge in Mare Imbrium fresh copernican crater
Crater Bessel
Wrinkle ridge
Fresh Copernican Crater

LRO provided our first images of Apollo equipment left on the moon.

Apollo landing sites apollo 11 site apollo 14 sight
Apollo landing sites
Apollo 11 site
Apollo 14 site
apollo 15 site apollo 16 site apollo 17 site
Apollo 15 site
Apollo 16 site
Apollo 17 site
Images courtesy NASA-GSFC and Arizona State University.


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