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Cosmic Ray Book

Cosmic Rays and the Cloud Chamber
Learn how you can build a cloud chamber to see the effects of cosmic rays. Read the book...

LRO Videos

LRO Launch
Watch the launch of LRO form Cape Canaveral in Florida on June 18, 2009.
Video (mp4) of the launch...

Dr. Harlan Spence Explains CRaTER
Prof. Harlan Spence explains cosmic rays and CRaTER.
Video (.mov, ipod.m4V, nasacast.mp4, svs.mpg, windows.wmv) of Dr. Spence...

CRaTER Animation
Animation showing how CRaTER measures cosmic rays and their effect.
(PORTAL.wmv, ipodLG.m4v, ipodSM.m4v,, SVS.mpg,

NASA's LRO videos
Videos about the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s mission to map the Moon, discover safe landing sites, and study how the radiation environment would affect humans. The videos...

Cosmic Ray Videos

Discoveries: Cosmic Rays
Scientists are determined to find out where cosmic rays come from, so they're building a huge cosmic ray-catching net. Learn about fishing for rays. Watch the video…

The Science Channel: 100 Greatest Discoveries
Through his balloon experiments, physicist Victor Hess discovered the origin of cosmic rays. Watch the video…

NOVA: Cosmic Ray Danger
Studying cellular damage from cosmic radiation, a video from NOVA scienceNow.
Watch the video…