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This section is a listing of various online educational resources (websites, videos, and documents) in the following categories:

Cosmic Ray Resources 

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and Its Instruments

Additonal Moon-Related Resources

Cosmic Ray Resources The Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation Educational Kit
A set of lessons for middle school classrooms.

Recent News Articles

How Cosmic Rays Transform the Surface of the Moon

Exploring cosmic rays
From NASA’s Cosmicopia, includes cosmic rays in the news

Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics
A Lesson Plan and Laboratory Activity for High School Science Classrooms,
Cornell University

Cosmic Rays and the Cloud Chamber
A story for middle school students...

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and Its Instruments Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Educational Website

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Communication Design Challenge

Explore the Moon the Moon.pdf

Build an LRO Model

LRO Images

LRO Lithograph

Resources for LRO’s Other Instruments
DLRE (Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment)
LAMP (Lyman Alpha Mapping Project)
LEND (Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector)
LOLA (Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter)
LROC (pronounced "ell-rock;" Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera)
Mini-RF (Miniature Radio Frequency technology demonstration)


Additional Moon Related Resources On the Moon Activity Guide
Six activities that bring engineering and NASA’s moon mission to life.
– Two activities (Launch It and Touchdown) are for grades 3-8.
– Three activities (Roving on the Moon, Heavy Lifting, and On Target) for grades 6-12.
– One activity (Feel the Heat) is for grades 9-12.

Exploring the Moon
For use with the Lunar Sample Disk in upper elementary through high schools (not exclusively, though).

Field Trip to the Moon
Students in grades 5-8 design a lunar station.

The Earth's Moon
A chapter of the Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground collection of hands-on astronomy activities engaging students (grades 2-6) in modeling, observing, and drawing activities.  Explores phases, tides, and the Moon’s motions.

The Moon: A Resource Guide
Covers current scientific understanding of the Moon, the appearance of the Moon in our skies, and tips for observing the Moon through binoculars or small telescopes. Also briefly covers the Moon in popular culture and history.  For families and all age levels.

Moon Power – Energy and Power
Students in grades 1-5 learn about energy and design a power station for a lunar base.

Space Transportation: Reshooting the Moon
Students in grade 8 learn about and design subsystems for a manned spacecraft bound for the Moon.  Students will become familiar with NASA's plan for human space exploration.

Lunar Math
Grades 6-12. Students apply mathematics to understand Earth's natural satellite and future missions to the moon. Problems in Lunar Math use mathematical applications to explain concepts such as the physical features of the Moon; the probability of a meteorite impact on the lunar surface; and how oxygen might be extracted from Moon rocks.

Moon Math Supplemental Guide
Grades 5-8. Students 1.) approximate the area and volume of a classroom-made crater, 2.) calculate and compare the scale of lunar craters to classroom craters, and 3.) observe how the size, mass, and angle of impact of a projectile affect area and volume of a crater.

Lunar Sample Disk Program
Six samples of Lunar or Meteorite material encapsulated in a six-inch diameter clear lucite disk to be used in K - 12 classrooms. The disk is accompanied by written and graphic descriptions of each sample in the disk; a PowerPoint presentation on CD; a teacher workbook; and additional printed material. Science teachers may quality for the use of a disk by attending one of the NASA sponsored workshops.

Connect to the Moon
Explore high quality programs, activities and information designed for inquisitive people and families; classroom teachers; students; informal educators. Find opportunities for high school, undergraduate and graduate students.

NASA and Human Exploration
Top Ten Apollo Discoveries

Moon Lithograph